Let's call it Centre Management

The Centre Management is the core business of PRÔM. The development and operation of an unique shopping experience for customers is the warrantor for the success of brand partners and investors. The operating business is the heart of the company, providing excellent services to brand partners and their employees, for cities and communities, tourism partners, further stake holders and of course, also for investors. 

Only an integrated Centre Management, the interaction and partnership between internal functions and external stake holders in consideration of local specialities, enables a sustainable growth. Only together you can change something. Therefore the internal and external comunication, as well as the passion for business, are the strategical success factors. The category and brand mix in consideration of local characteristics is of great importance. But also the close contact to local chambers of industry and commerce as well as cooperation in tourism, leisure and town marketing creates a win-win-situation for all participants.

Our approach is the creation of an exceptional shopping experience with regional spill-over-effects for the town, region, brand partners and equally investors.

By demand our Centre Mangement brings it's expertise in early stage, so that you can realise successful retail real estate projects.

The professional local PRÔM Centre Management team covers the following disciplines

  • General Centre Management 

  • Leasing

  • Marketing

  • Development

  • Retail Operations

  • Facility

  • Customer Services

  • Finance & Accounting

PRÔM developed high standards and tools in each discipline to guarantee a professional longterm Centre Management.

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Tailor-made Leasing strategies


Tailor-made leasing strategies and asset management with desirable brands for the catchment area. 

The retail of designer, fashion and lifestyle brands is always in motion. The growing use of smartphones, tablets and new mobile devices also accelerated the e-commerce in these sectors. According to a current research study, retail is still the favourite shopping channel for 60 % of Europeans.

Today, shopping centres and designer outlets are important pillars of the retail landscape. New real estate concepts which can provide great shopping experiences are still in demand. However, all these trends created a multi-channel strategy of brands, a new and different shopping behaviour and therefore a faster change in brand demands. Leasing by PRÔM observes the permanent changes in retail of designer, fashion, sport and lifestyle brands. The leasing team develops tailor-made leasing strategies with location orientated category and brand mix in consideration of the centre concept, the competition, brand ownership, affinity and awareness as well as the retail density and sensitivity of the targeted brands.

PRÔM has a portfolio of more than 500 brand partners and is part of an European fashion retail network with high-class contacts. Apart from successful first-time rental the leasing team provides a long-term leasing and asset management program for brand partners and investors. 




Growth is the only evidence of live

Development Consulting of Designer Outlets, Value Centers and new innovative retail real estate concepts are one of the core businesses of PRÔM..

The PRÔM Finance and Center Management Team are pleased to offer you our consulting services to increase your real estate portfolio.

We consult investors in

  • Location Analyses

  • Valuation/Advisory Opinion

  • Tenant Demand Reports

  • Marketing Concepts

  • Tendering process 

  • Purchase and sale of retail real estate

Together with ROS Retail Outlet Shopping we have currently 90 employees in 9 countries.
— Thomas Reichenauer, Managing Director, PRÔM & ROS Retail Outlet Shopping